Current Open Positions

Job TitleLocation
Aerospace EngineerVirginia
Application DeveloperVirginia
Configuration ManagerVirginia
Corporate ControllerNorth Carolina
Cyber Incident Responder IIIColorado
Cyberspace Warfare Integration ExpertTexas
Director, PricingNorth Carolina
Electrical Group LeadCalifornia
Engineering Analyst III (Cybersecurity Project Lead)Colorado
EPASS (Engineering, Professional and Administrative Support Services)Multiple CONUS Locations
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman) - CPOFKuwait
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman) - DCGS-A FixedGermany
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman) - DCGS-A MobileKansas
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman) - TGSWashington
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman)- DCGS-A FixedTexas
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman)- DCGS-A MobileKosovo
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman)- DCGS-A MobileKuwait
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman)- DCGS-A MobileNorth Carolina
Field Service Analyst (Journeyman)- DCGS-A MobileNew York
Field Service Analyst (Senior Lead) - DCGS-A FixedGermany
Field Service Analyst (Senior Lead) - GCCS-AGermany
Field Service Analyst (Senior Lead)- DCGS-A MobileCalifornia
Field Service Analyst (Senior/Lead) - DCGS-A MobileAlaska
Field Service Technician (Journeyman) – ULLS-A(E)Connecticut
Field Service Technician (Senior Lead) - SASMOVirginia
Field Service Technician (Senior Lead) – ULLS-A(E)Kansas
Global Positioning System Test Analyst - JourneymanColorado
Ground-Based Radar Test AnalystColorado
Guardu Site LeadArkansas
Information System Security Officer IICalifornia
Instructor PilotTaiwan
IT Maintenance SpecialistVirginia
Journeyman Acquisition Program Manager (DAG)Ohio
Junior Managed Systems EngineerColorado
Knowledge Management (Senior/Lead)Afghanistan
Mechanical Group LeadCalifornia
Operations Planner (Space Based SSA) CraftsmanColorado
Operations Research Analyst III or IV - CraftsmanColorado
OPIR Test Analyst - JourneymanColorado
Principal Software EngineerNew Mexico
Production Control ClerkVirginia
Program Analyst IVColorado
Program ManagerCalifornia
Project Analyst II (Office Manager)Colorado
Project Integrator – CraftsmanColorado
Project Manager (Rotary Wing)Maryland
Project Manager/SharePoint Content ManagementNorth Carolina
Senior Acquisition ManagerOhio
Senior Acquisition Manager (Information Assurance)Ohio
Senior Acquisition Program ManagerOklahoma
Senior Acquisition Program ManagerOhio
Senior Configuration AnalystNew Mexico
Senior Configuration/Technical Data ManagerOhio
Senior Database Analyst/ProgrammerAlabama
Senior EngineerVirginia
Senior Instructor PilotTaiwan
Senior Logistician (Technical Orders)Ohio
Senior Logistics ManagerOhio
Senior Logistics Manager - Technical DataOhio
Senior Management AnalystVirginia
Senior Software DeveloperAlabama
Senior Software EngineerOhio
SharePoint Data Base Administrator (DBA)North Carolina
SharePoint Systems Integration SpecialistNorth Carolina
SME Logistics ManagerOhio
Software Engineer IIColorado
Software Engineer IIIColorado
Software Engineer IVColorado
Software Engineer VColorado
Software Tool Developer III or IVColorado
Space Control Test Analyst - JourneymanColorado
Structural Test AssistantVirginia
Subject Matter Expert III (Modeling and Simulation)Colorado
System AdministratorVirginia
Systems AdministratorNew Mexico
Systems EngineerVirginia